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    We are backed by a large network of academic institutions and our industrial partners. Especially, we receive strong support from the Technical University of Munich (TUM). The president of the university, Prof. Dr. Thomas F. Hofmann is our project patron.

    Munich is one of the most promising innovation centers in Europe. Therefore, it provides great opportunities for ambitious students from workshops to experience exchange opportunities up to financial & organisational support. TUM Boring is embedded in a productive and dynamic environment and determined to win the Not-a-Boring Competition.

    Industrial Partners

    Autodesk GmbH

    3D Design, Engineering & Construction Software

    Herrenknecht AG

    Pioneering Underground Together

    iMAR Navigation GmbH

    Inertial Navigation, Guidance, Stabilization, Surveying and Control

    Technical University of Munich

    The Entrepreneurial

    Zeppelin Rental GmbH

    We’ve got what it takes.

    Friends & Supporters

    Our partners, friends and supporters are arranged in alphabetical order within their respective categories.

    Become one of our partners

    We are currently looking for sponsors to support our research and prototype development.

    If you are interested in supporting our initiative and getting in contact with motivated young professionals across more than 16 different faculties, then please reach out to us to team@tum-boring.com or contact one of our sponsor managers!

    Frederic Wimmer

    Sponsor Management

    Finn Frölich

    Sponsor Management