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    About Us

    TUM Boring – Innovation in Tunneling e.V. is a nonprofit organization striving to innovate towards a greener future in which we waste less time commuting. We see building tunnels as a technology destined for disruption and want to shape the future of tunneling by innovation. Currently, we aim to build the world’s fastest tunnel boring machine (TBM) and are competing in Elon Musk’s Not-a-Boring Competition together with the Technical University of Munich. Our team was selected from nearly 400 teams worldwide as one of 12 finalists to compete in the race in the US this summer. Our initiative have been featured in many different newspapers and on various podcasts.

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    Not-a-Boring Competition

    The Not-a-Boring Competition, hosted by Elon Musk’s The Boring Company, challenges teams from around the world to drill a 30m long and 50cm wide tunnel as quickly and accurately as possible. Elon Musk already hosted four SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competitions in California, all of which students from TUM won. While TUM Hyperloop is now focusing on research for a full-scale hyperloop system, a new organization emerged to win Elon Musk’s upcoming competition this summer: TUM Boring – Innovation in Tunneling.

    Our Partners

    Prof. Dr. Thomas F. Hofmann

    President of the Technical University of Munich, Patron of TUM Boring - Innovation in Tunneling e.V.

    The mobility of the future is reality today at the Technical University of Munich. I am greatly impressed by our students’ extraordinarily dedicated work on technical innovation and am thrilled to see them successfully prevail in international competition. Talented young individuals from various TUM faculties have won Elon Musk’s SpaceX Hyperloop competition four consecutive times. Of course the expectations placed on them in Musk’s latest competition are substantial. This time the objective is to develop the world’s fastest tunnel boring machine, in order to facilitate the infrastructure necessary for the Hyperloop. I am convinced that we will succeed and I wish our team the greatest possible success. All of TUM is behind you 100 percent!

    Our Innovations

    Faster Than a Snail

    We aim to tunnel much faster than a garden snail – that’s a lot faster than the current industry average.

    Automation by Design

    Our TBM is designed with automation in mind and equipped with many sensors and cameras. This makes it very safe and precise.

    Minimal Footprint

    We try to keep our footprint as minimal as possible in terms of noise level, needed space and pollution.

    Our Values

    Set in Munich, at Home in the World

    We are proud to represent our city and our university, yet our horizon is broader.


    We genuinely like what we do.


    We want to contribute to the future of mobility.