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    Meet our team of sixty students who received the most prestigious scholarships and awards, led international voluntary projects, founded their own companies, gained a ton of work experience at renowned firms (including Tesla, BMW, Google, and Siemens), developed robots, apps, and have now joined forces to shape the future of mobility. While most of us study at the university we’re representing at the Not-a-Boring Competition – the Technical University of Munich –, we also count students from the Munich University of Applied Sciences (HM), LMU Munich, and FU Berlin among our members. Our members have diverse academic backgrounds, origins, and skills. What unites us is the unyielding motivation to make a positive impact through designing the best Tunnel Boring Machine. Want to know more about what drives us? Learn about our core values.

    16 countries

    60+ members

    16 faculties

    Advisory Board

    Prof. Dr. Thomas F. Hofmann

    Project Patron

    President of the Technical University of Munich

    Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Jochen Fillibeck

    Faculty Advisor

    Professor at the Chair of Foundation Engineering, Soil Mechanics, Rock Mechanics and Tunneling at TUM

    Dr. Mariana Avezum


    Founder of WARR Hyperloop

    Project Leads

    Haokun Zheng

    Kilian Schmid

    Marvin von Hagen

    Elias Schmid

    Max Herbst


    Daniel Pflüger

    Member of the Board

    Dmitry Burlakov

    Sophie Defauw

    Louis Jabbour

    Katharina Prantl

    Elene Margalitadze

    Vincent Adler

    Leo Brandt

    Jona Roßmann

    Dominik Brosch

    Nathan Bonetti

    Torben Leowald

    Erik Mahler

    Moritz Diekhöner

    Felix Güttersberger

    Tolgahan Seren

    Irina Butenko

    Dominik Kessling


    Maxi Oberpriller

    Sub-Team Lead

    Max Kutt

    Larissa Brießmann

    Bene Hartmann

    Andrean Tedjojuwono

    Kilian Reutter

    Moritz Birg

    Material Removal

    Max Herbst

    Sub-Team Lead

    Miriam Welser

    Benedikt Schatz

    Kilian Hügel

    Lukas Mehringer


    Philipp Engleder

    Sub-Team Lead

    Tobias Gehrmann

    Michael Hegel

    Tunnel Structure

    Simon Manthe

    Sub-Team Lead

    Ediz Erdönmez

    Isabell Nuissl

    Thaddäus Burger

    Marc Haldenwang

    Leander Beisinger


    Elias Schmid

    Sub-Team Lead

    Anton Steinbacher

    Max Gierlinger

    Philipp Seitz

    Bernhard Glas

    Zhihao Yang

    Alisajjad Ebrahimi

    Power System

    Kilian Scheer

    Sub-Team Lead

    Alwin Maiwald

    Christian Winter

    Daniel Grödl

    Lukas Schlichting

    Xaver Deuschl

    Control System

    Johannes Drexler

    Sub-Team Lead

    Nishard Ghouse

    Christoph Dobra

    Youssef Tarkhan

    Berzan Yildiz

    Jasper Herzberg

    Ismail Kuzu

    Nicolas Schapeler

    Join our team!

    You like what we are doing and would like to support us on our journey to the United States? Apply now!

    Our main application phase is over, however, you can still apply by sending your CV to team@tum-boring.com!