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    We genuinely like what we do.

    TUM Boring – Innovation in Tunneling is a student initiative. It is exciting for us to be able to create and shape such an association. While many of us already had the chance to get a glimpse into the world of work at prestigious companies, it is special to experience such an entrepreneurial spirit, where the individual contributions are so clearly visible. Thus, we put our hearts and minds into our areas of work. No matter if our members plan, construct, build, design, inform or reach out – they are enthusiastic about it and do all they can to make our project a success!


    We are determined. Nothing sets us back.

    The path that we are on is long and occasionally exhausting. The Covid-pandemic has not only created some uncertainty, but it also poses a major challenge to our work. Besides the construction, this also affected contacting sponsors, planning events as well as internal communication and team building. However, we have never leant back on excuses. Instead, we have quickly adapted to the circumstances. We do not only make the best of it; we strive to exceed our original expectations!


    We want to contribute to the future of mobility.

    Mobility is one of the hot topics of our time. While some are frightened by the rapid changes in this area and cling to the past, we have an optimistic outlook on the future. We refuse to be bystanders – instead, we want to take part in shaping the mobility of tomorrow. Through hyperloops and tunnels, accompanied by the use of electric cars, traffic on the surface is reduced. Our quality of life is enhanced: Less traffic, less noise, less pollution, fewer accidents! While we do not actively engage in utopian visions (this territory is well-occupied by politicians and other creative minds), we deliver technical tools that facilitate change for the better.

    Set in Munich, at Home in the World

    We are proud to represent our city and our university, yet our horizon is broader.

    The support of our university has been truly outstanding and heartwarming. TUM President Professor Hofmann shared our enthusiasm from the very beginning and gladly accepted the position as Patron of our project. Local media outlets and sponsors helped us in so many ways that exceeded finger-crossing. This strong base of support from our home really motivates us.

    We proudly consider ourselves ambassadors of our city and our university in the Not-a-Boring Competition. Munich is one of the best places world-wide in terms of entrepreneurial spirit. The Technical University is a place that actively fosters their student’s innovative potential. No wonder the TUM has won the Hyperloop pod competitions four times. We want to build on this proud legacy!

    At the same time, we believe that our entrepreneurial spirit is not limited to any gender, nationality or academic subject. Approximately one quarter of our members have an international background. Anyone who shares our values, and our motivation is welcome at TUM Boring! Through our diverse team, we have also established contacts in Asia and Latin America, raising awareness for the competition and gaining support for our contribution.


    We collaborate. We share. We discuss.

    We believe in individual and collective responsibility. All members have a well-defined area of expertise or a field of management, in which they operate independently. While encouraging individual creativity and innovation, we also share and discuss our ideas in team meetings. To succeed, most projects – even if they emanate from only one expert – require the competencies and the determination of others.

    While specialization is vital, we do not think of us as separate groups. To preserve our sense of unity, we have a weekly general meeting with all members. Additionally, we have organized technical introductions for non-tech-members as well as regular and highly popular team-events, such as our (virtual) Christmas party. Thus, we have grown closer and like to spend time together – both at work and beyond!