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    During the course of our project, we have already achieved major breakthroughs. Our milestones have been featured in various press articles.

    Initial Tests


    Even before the Not-a-Boring Competition was announced, one of our founders and some members of our initial team started exploring the world of tunneling construction in their own garden with a self-made tunnel boring machine (TBM) called “Smōl TBM”.

    Not-a-Boring Competition Announced

    July 2020

    As soon as the Not-a-Boring Competition was announced, we were immediately determined to participate.

    Completion of Our Smōl TBM & First Breakthrough

    Early October 2020

    We finished our Smōl TBM and successfully dug our first tunnel. This was one of our major milestones!

    Expansion Of Our Team

    Late October 2020

    After an intensive recruiting process, 50 highly motivated students joined our team.

    Preliminary Design Briefings

    November 2020

    Our preliminary design, in which we outlined our technical concept, was reviewed favorably by The Boring Company. We have entered the Final Design Briefings!

    Non-Profit Status Achieved

    November 2020

    Since November 1st, we are officially registered as a non-profit organisation in Germany.

    Final Design Briefings

    November 2020

    After working on it day and night for three months, we completed our Final Design (detailed technical description) and submitted it to The Boring Company.

    Final Design Was Accepted

    February 2021

    Most important challenge met: Our final design convinced The Boring Company. Out of 400 participating teams TUM Boring – Innovation in Tunneling is among the twelve contestants that made it to the finals. 

    Begin Of Construction Of the TBM For the Finals

    April 2021

    In April, we started construction of our tunnel boring machine with which we will compete at the competition.

    We Started Testing

    June 2021

    In June, we shipped our TBM to our testing site in Germany where we will test every feature of the machine so it is ready for the competition.

    Competition Finals in the U.S.

    Summer 2021

    The competition finals will be held in summer 2021 in the United States.

    Long-Term Vision


    We have bold plans for the future. Our finalized tunnel boring machine will be able to dig tunnels in an unprecedentedly quick and safe manner.