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    We bring YOU to the COMPETITION FINALS in the USA in September 2021*

    About the campaign

    With this NFT campaign, we honour our community. We proudly present to you what matters to the TUM Boring family. We portray the faces and ambitions behind our supporters and the team: those who truly believe in our mission and project. We call up for photo contributions from our fans, supporters, friends, and family, team members, and everyone sharing the vision of rethinking the future of mobility. Be part of a TUM Boring community photo collage by sharing your favourite subjects in a photo with us. This could be your smiling face, favourite projects, achievements or simply one of your hobbies. Your input will be part of our NFT designs.**

    By means of the NFTs we combine insights from our community with the art of engineering designs to something eye-catching and satisfying. On Opensea.io you have the unique opportunity later on to purchase TUM Boring NFTs, including several stunning designs, in return for a small contribution to our project. The final NFT design and thus your input will be attached to the Tunnel Boring Machine for presentation at the competition finals in Las Vegas, USA! In that way, we show the world the people and particularly the supporting network behind the engineering and organisational mammoth task of building the fastest tunnel boring machine in the world. Without your support, we would not be able to put this fantastic project into practice.

     Exceptional and exclusive gadgets, both physical and emotive, are waiting for you!

    The NFT was co-developed and with the support of mm1.com.

    * Offer does not include transportation or tickets to the physical event in the US

    ** Note that the selection and incorporation of uploaded pictures into the Boring NFT are subject to the terms and the conditions listed below/Link


    Our boring NFT

    TUM Boring Collectibles

    One digital artwork just isn’t enough. So we made five series. These different NFT-series present the five essential components of the TUM Boring Machine: Cutterhead, Revolver, Steering, Propulsion, and Material Removal. 

    Following the appearance of the TUM Boring Machine itself, the Design of the NFTs is highly geometrical. In the centre of the five pieces lies the displayed component of the Machine, always in close relation to the corporate Identity of TUM Boring. Connected to the Release of the artworks several supporters of the project will add a collage to give the creations an individual structure. 

    Designed by Daniel Nürrenbach (part of mpct.media) these five digital artworks were released on 10th of September 2021 on opensea.io.

    Tunneling & More

    welpe_isabell_1x1_klein-600x600 (1)


    Full Professor of Strategy and Organisation at Technische Universität München
    “As a Technical University, we are always on the forefront of technological development. The recent upswing of NFTs has of course piqued our interest and we have been working intensely on this topic over the last few months. I am therefore particularly impressed by TUM Boring’s recent ventures into this field: They are now not only driving forward innovation in tunneling but also diving into other disciplines using blockchain technology to build participation in a novel way.”

    Project Supporters

    This project was created with the help of the digital consultancy firm mm1. The NFT-Design was created by the digital artist Daniel Nürrenbach.